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Name: Lindsey
Nickname(s): Lefty
D.O.B: june 5 1990~ gemini :):):)
Gender: i'm a girl :)
Location: maryland. unfortunately.
Destination: the sky, baby
State of Mind: confused.
Sexual Orientation: i really miss the last girl i dated but this guy chris, man. he's totally hot. i think i'll go hit it.
Taken/Single: SINGLE!!!


(10+) Bands/Artists: glassjaw, poison the well, the casualties, taking back sunday, osker, straylight run, atreyu, killswitch engage, the dillinger escape plan, THE BLOOD BROTHERS FO SHEEZY, bjork, bright eyes, outsmarting simon, the postal service, as i lay dying, cradle of filth, saosin, thirteenovereight, panda bear, atom and his package, rise against, the menace society
(5+) Movies: donnie darko, stir of echoes, saw, rocky horror picture show, the dark crystal, the labyrinth, the wizard of oz
Lyric: "in this blackened wonderland, i am the darkened alice"
Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
Color(s): greeeeeeeeen. it makes me happy sometimes. and i do like pink and grey a lot too.
Item of clothing: umm... even though i never wear it... my "Punky Power" t-shirt. punky BREWSTER, that is.
Saying/Quote/Bumper-sticker: "Aren't you glad I'm not your kid?"
Food: uhhhh oranges and nachos.
Activity: playing guitar!
Day of the year: hmmmmm. my birthday. because it's always been the coolest day ever. like. it just is.
Form of inspiration: heartbreak
Word (from any language): dobrey dien (i can't spell it. it's russian. and it means "good day") i just love how it sounds.
Website: http://www.radiotakeover.com


Tell us a short happy story: theres this guy i met about a year ago at a rock show. i was with my friend tyler and tyler was talking to him so i had to find out who he was... he was just so good-looking.. and i found out his name and didnt talk to him for a few months. we ended up having a 3 hour conversation about music at this one show a while back, and we've been good friends ever since. well. i had a huge thing for him. he had a huge thing for me. but neither of us ever spoke up about it. he started telling me all about it last night... he even remembered what i was wearing the night we met. and so i think we're gonna get together, which is awesome.

Tell us a short sad story: i was really really really close to this guy harrison.. he was my best friend EVER... he was always there for me when i needed to go cry and stopped me from doing some stupid shit more than once.. yeah well last year, last december i was sitting at home with my friend meagan and i get a phonecall from this girl katie who was also friends with him. "harrison's dead." i was being tickled by my friend meagan and didn't think i heard her correctly. "what..?" "harrison's dead. he killed himself last night." i was stunned. i couldn't move. i dropped the phone and just sat there for like 3 whole minutes, completely still. meagan picked up the phone and talked to katie and asked what was going on. then i started crying. and i didn't stop for about the next three days. that night i went outside and layed in the middle of the street and just stared at the sky and screamed. just screamed. and curled up into a ball and cried some more.

i still miss him, every single day.

Tell us an embarrassing story: i was at the beach with my best friend and my boyfriend and the waves were really rough, and my top came half off and i didnt even notice it. the beach was PACKED and i didnt notice my boob was out until my best friend screamed "BOOB!!!" and pointed.

Do you think you’ll win the lottery? i hope so!
Craziest thing you’ve done: umm... i mooned my best friend from across the street once.
Top three things you will do before you die:
1. write a guitar solo that will make peoples' fingers bleed.
2. find happiness within myself.
3. make an impact on the world around me. huge postitve impact. live my vision.


Do you ACUALLY know what a theme is? Tell us: i'm guessing it's when there's a certain thing members are supposed to post... well, kind of a guideline for their posts? is that it? do i win?
Promote two times and give DIRECT links: http://www.livejournal.com/users/grey_to_black/2155.html?view=3179#t3179
Are you a camera whore? -blushes- yes...
What do you think of your mod so far? cool beans.
If you like to write poetry or draw pictures (etc) please show us one:


its 3 am
i woke up crying again tonight
for the first time in years
i'm learning to walk and learning to run again
but not away from you
and as the tears fall
against the backdrop of a starlit night sky
can you feel me as the ink runs at the edges of your dreams?
smear the memories
pull away
let go of my hand
...i can't do this on my own
i needed you there for so long
so long
i see your face when all the feeling's gone
and it comes right back
i cant explain the way i felt the day i saw your face
i couldnt believe that this madness could
just from
one look inside your eyes
and i can't forget the day you left
no matter how hard i try
to hide
the image of you just slips back into my life
i've told myself that i,
i'm done, and i'm well over this
but you showed me i can't hide behind those lies
do i miss the way i used to hurt inside?
do you miss the way the tears would fill my eyes?
you haven't said a word to me in six months solid
and i miss you more with each day the silence grows
things will never be the same.
never be the same.
the same.
sitting at the table
waiting by the phone
listening for the door to creak
and scream your name
there's a lot i could do right now...
but i wouldn't trade for the world
the chance of seeing you...
so this is where i'll be
watching for your fall and waiting
behind the lies
behind the corner
behind whatever used to be
sitting at the table
waiting by the phone
listening for the door to creak
and scream your name.
i could paint the sky with your eyes...

(you must have at least the following pictures, but please channel your inner camera whore)

clear face Shot:
Pic of Favorite Inanimate Object:
Something funny:



maybe i went a little crazy with the pictures...? i'm a huge camwhore.. sowwy. :)

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