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Name: Caitlin
Nickname(s): i dont have any...=(
D.O.B: 12.20.1989
Gender: Female
Location: seattle
Destination: er....san francisco?
State of Mind: not all there...
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Taken/Single: taken by my avery!!


(10+) Bands/Artists: Blane, Lines Into Phoenix, Obsidian Void, Thursday, SkyCameFalling, The Sleeping, Thrice, SmashingPumpkins, The Cranberries, Gwen Stefani, Gretchen Wilson, Modest Mouse, The Velvet Teen
(5+) Movies: Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, Requiem For A Dream, GhostWorld, Thirteen, Amelie, Jackass-The Movie
Lyric: "Flowers bloom, and flowers wilt. Cities are detroyed and cities are rebuilt"
Book: Doing It, Almost Lost, Go Ask Alice, Stoner and Spaz
Color(s): black and baby blue
Item of clothing: my handmade shirts/pants/skirts.. because they are original
Oxy-Moron:Womans Golf Leauge. Golf stands for Gentalmen Only Ladies Forbidden.
Saying/Quote/Bumper-sticker: "dont blink, you could miss something"
Activity: sex... oh wait... la'crosse
Day of the year: nov 22
Form of inspiration: music
Word (from any language): cunundrum
Website: livejournal


Tell us a short happy story: im in a really great relationship with a really great guy that would weight on me hand and foot if thats what i wanted. he is a gentalman and opens up doors for me *aww*
Tell us a short sad story: my dog bently had leg problems and we had to put him down in june =(
Tell us an embarrassing story: i got really high yesterday and i started talking and i said something like "the sober part of my brain is trying to talk to the high part" and im a lightweight and i was with some people that smoke weed everyday and dont act like that.. they laughed at me. hahahha
Do you think you’ll win the lottery? no
Craziest thing you’ve done: smoked weed at school with my art teacher =D
Top three things you will do before you die: bungee jump, sky dive, base jump


Do you ACUALLY know what a theme is? Tell us: a theme is where there is something SAID  that you have to take pics of or show or whatever... like.. lets say.... christmas theme. you would take pics of x-mas lights... santa.... the mall... presents... and post them as a theme... depending on certian communities, there will be a vote for best pics for that theme
Promote two times and give DIRECT links:
Are you a camera whore?
What do you think of your mod so far? i love her. she is the mod of one other community im in and a member of anouther. and shes on my friends list... naaaaaaaarf i love you lila
If you like to write poetry or draw pictures (etc) please show us one:


Clear face Shot:
Pic of Favorite Inanimate Object: jamey is my inanimate object.. you'd have to know him to know why =D
Something funny:
Random:weeeooo.. i took that
Me cam whoring:

i do believe im done =)
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